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Monday, 19 September 2011

Chris promoted to 7th Dan Judo, A.E.J.F.

Top, Certificate of Grade

2nd, Bruce Carnaby 6th Dan, Jack Hearn 9th Dan, Joe Norman 7th Dan, Eddy Kenny 6th Dan, Joyce Kenny 5th Dan, Chris Dawson 7th Dan, Juneille Smith 6th Dan, John Hall 4th Dan, Malcolm Young 4th Dan and Mick Clark 1st Dan.

3rd, Joyce and Eddy Kenny presenting a framed picture of a Samurai.

4th, Joe Norman Founder and President of the All England Judo Federation with Chris Dawson.

5th, Bushido Judo Kwai Girls Team.

6th, Bushido Judo Kwai Boys Team.

16th September 2011 started as a normal Friday night training session, our students started arriving at 6.00pm for a 6.30 start. Unusually we had an almost 100% turn out, with the usual amount of parents who stay for the full session. We then found an influx of parents arriving, who normally just drop their children and go. The class began at 6.30 prompt with the salutations and warm up exercises, at this point instructor Bruce Carnaby asked me to stop the class and line everyone up, I had no idea what was going on, but did what he requested. To my total surprise Mick Clark -1st Dan, Malcolm Young - 4th Dan, John Hall - 4th Dan, Juneille Smith - 6th Dan, Joyce Kenny - 5th Dan, Eddy Kenny - 6th Dan, Joe Norman - 7th Dan and Jack Hearn - 9th Dan all filed into the dojo and formed a line at the side of the mat. Sensei Jack Hearn began explaining that I was to be promoted to the grade of 7th Dan by the All England Judo Federation. I would like to thank all those people who sent letters of support for this promotion, in particular Joe Norman - founder and President of the All England Judo Federation, who had travelled from his home in Essex to be at the presentation of my certificate. Also to Maureen and Bruce Carnaby, who did so much preparation to make this evening the huge success that it was, who also supplied all of the food and drink at their own expense, to Juneielle Smith who was responsible for compiling all of the letters of support and the organisation of the guests, to John at the Wallsend Boy's Club for all of his kind cooperation. I would like to thank the parents for their cards and gifts, Joyce and Eddy Kenny for the beautiful framed picture of a Samurai and Jack Hearn for the certificate, and last but not least our students, whose behaviour was impeccable, they also enjoyed their own party (away from the alcohol), some not even wanting to go home when the party ended.
Photos by Maureen Carnaby.