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Monday, 12 December 2011

Robert Stuart Awarded Bushido Judo Kwai, Judoka of the Year 2011.

                                                     Photo,  Robert Stuart with his award.

Fifteen year old Robert Stuart joined the Bushido Judo Kwai on Friday 15th April 2005, since then his attendance has been exemplary. Over the years Robert has worked his way through the grading system and in July this year reached the highest junior grade attainable, Green belt with three Black Bars, he has also won the club's monthly trophy more times than anyone else this year. It was with great pleasure that on Sunday 11th December Robert has been honoured with the Bushido Judo Kwai Judoka of the Year Award.

Bushido Judo Kwai Junior Grading, 11th December 2011.

The Bushido Judo Kwai held it's junior grading at Burnside Community College, Wallsend on Sunday 11th December, we also had two guest referees, Juneille Smith 6th Dan and John Hall 4th Dan both from Ronin Judo Club, Riverside Leisure Centre, New Mkt, Morpeth, (Visit Ronin Judo Club at,
The grading was a big success with a 100% pass rate, congratulations to all of our students and thank you to all of the officials present.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bushido Judo Kwai Junior Champions

Photo by Chris Dawson
Back Row, Callum McInnes, Jessica Cairns, Jack Ross, Front Row, Ellie Hutton, Millie Richardson.

Seven junior members of Bushido Judo Kwai took part in the Northumderland Association of Clubs for Young People, Open Judo Championship, at The Parks Sports Centre, North Shields on Saturday 26th November.
Millie Richardson took the Gold in the Girls Primary u25 kilo event, with team mate Ellie Hutton taking the Silver, Callum McInnes won a Bronze in the Boys u35 kilo event, while Jack Ross won a Bronze in the Boys u40 kilo group, Jessica Cairns, Liam Banks and Chris Sayers were presented with runner up medals.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Joe Norman and Chris Dawson in London

Joe Norman 7th Dan, Founder and President, All England Judo Federation with Chris Dawson 7th Dan from Newcastle upon Tyne, at the Crutched Frier, East London, on the 13th October 2011.
This meeting resulted in the Bushido Judo Kwai joining the All England Judo Federation, in January 2012.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The North Eastern Open Judo Championship, Newcastle

Photo, Liam with Bruce Carnaby and Chris Dawson.

Six junior members of Wallsend's Bushido Judo Kwai competed at the Noth East Open Judo Championships at the Westgate Centre for Sport, Newcastle upon Tyne today. Millie Richrdson aged 8, competing in the primary girl's under 24kilos winning the bronze medal, also competing in a special event of Ne-Waza (ground work) she took the gold medal. A bronze medal was won by Liam Banks aged 11 in the boy's under 60kilo event, Jessica Cairns aged 10, Chris Sayers aged 11, Jack Ross aged 12 and David Beck aged 13 all made a good account of themselves but unfortunately did not make it into the medals.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Chris promoted to 7th Dan Judo, A.E.J.F.

Top, Certificate of Grade

2nd, Bruce Carnaby 6th Dan, Jack Hearn 9th Dan, Joe Norman 7th Dan, Eddy Kenny 6th Dan, Joyce Kenny 5th Dan, Chris Dawson 7th Dan, Juneille Smith 6th Dan, John Hall 4th Dan, Malcolm Young 4th Dan and Mick Clark 1st Dan.

3rd, Joyce and Eddy Kenny presenting a framed picture of a Samurai.

4th, Joe Norman Founder and President of the All England Judo Federation with Chris Dawson.

5th, Bushido Judo Kwai Girls Team.

6th, Bushido Judo Kwai Boys Team.

16th September 2011 started as a normal Friday night training session, our students started arriving at 6.00pm for a 6.30 start. Unusually we had an almost 100% turn out, with the usual amount of parents who stay for the full session. We then found an influx of parents arriving, who normally just drop their children and go. The class began at 6.30 prompt with the salutations and warm up exercises, at this point instructor Bruce Carnaby asked me to stop the class and line everyone up, I had no idea what was going on, but did what he requested. To my total surprise Mick Clark -1st Dan, Malcolm Young - 4th Dan, John Hall - 4th Dan, Juneille Smith - 6th Dan, Joyce Kenny - 5th Dan, Eddy Kenny - 6th Dan, Joe Norman - 7th Dan and Jack Hearn - 9th Dan all filed into the dojo and formed a line at the side of the mat. Sensei Jack Hearn began explaining that I was to be promoted to the grade of 7th Dan by the All England Judo Federation. I would like to thank all those people who sent letters of support for this promotion, in particular Joe Norman - founder and President of the All England Judo Federation, who had travelled from his home in Essex to be at the presentation of my certificate. Also to Maureen and Bruce Carnaby, who did so much preparation to make this evening the huge success that it was, who also supplied all of the food and drink at their own expense, to Juneielle Smith who was responsible for compiling all of the letters of support and the organisation of the guests, to John at the Wallsend Boy's Club for all of his kind cooperation. I would like to thank the parents for their cards and gifts, Joyce and Eddy Kenny for the beautiful framed picture of a Samurai and Jack Hearn for the certificate, and last but not least our students, whose behaviour was impeccable, they also enjoyed their own party (away from the alcohol), some not even wanting to go home when the party ended.
Photos by Maureen Carnaby.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The I.M.A.F Masters Course 2002

Photo L/R, Russell Dawson, Jack Hearn, Mitsuhiro Kondo 8th Dan, Shizuya Sato 10th Dan, Chris Dawson and Mala Young.

In September 2002, four judoka from The Hokojun Judo Club, Cramlington and the Bushido Judo Kwai, Wallsend, took part in the International Martial Arts Federation, World Budo Seminar, Scarborough, England, held under the direction of Prof.Shizuya Sato 10th Dan, and other masters.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bushido Judo Kwai Success at I.B.F Championship in Dumfries

Top Photo taken by John Sayers.
Lower Photo taken by Louise Cairns.
L/R, Jessica Cairns, Callum McInnes, Chris Sayers.

L/R, Bruce Carnaby Instructor, Callum McInnes, Chris Sayers, Jessica Cairns, Chris Dawson Instructor.

Three junior members from Wallsend's Bushido Judo Kwai had a very successful day, at the International Budo Federation 2011 Scottish Open in Dumfries, Scotland today.
Jessica Cairns age 10, won gold in the girls under 45 kilo event, while Callum McInnes age 9 and Chris Sayers age 11 won gold and silver respectively, in the boys under 35 kilo event.
This is our clubs third visit to this excellent championship, our thanks to Robin Hyslop for his invitation.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Happy 18th Birthday, Laurie !

Senior Bushido Judo Kwai member Laurie, celebrated her 18th birthday on Saturday 9th July, at a great party at her home and judging by the photo, Laurie enjoyed it too.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Liam wins a Bronze

Liam Banks age 10, took the bronze medal in the boys under 50k event at the Westgate Judo Club, Graded Tounament, Newcastle upon Tyne on Sunday 12th June, unfortunately Jessica Cairns also 10, didnt make it into the medals, Callum McInnes age 9, was taken to hospital with a shoulder injury but fortunately didnt have any breaks.

John Gallon 5th Dan (Kodokan)

Photo courtesy of Mr Gerrard Gyngall.
John Gallon is third from left, and he is from the North East and not the Midlands as stated.

In 1975 i began to train at the Gateshead dojo of John Gallon 5th Dan (Kodokan), it was hard training but well worth it with a sensei of his standard.
John trained at the Kodokan Japan for five years and practised regularly with Takeuchi Sensei, Inokuma Sensei and Okano Sensei and also at Takudai University under Kimura Sensei, thirteen times all Japan Champion.
I ceased training with John when i founded the Bushido Judo Kwai, and had to put all of my time into that.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Bushido Judo Kwai Bus !

Top Photo, At the Hotel Prince 66 Ave Bosquet, Paris, July 1982.
Lower Photo, Our newly purchased mini bus on my drive.

In 1982 the club purchased a Ford Transit Mini Bus reg KWB 966J, the main reason for this, was to take us to the judo course in Bordeaux, we paid £450.00 for it and as it happened, it took us to Bordeaux three times, as well as a number of judo events in London, Birmingham and Norwich.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Roy White Winner, Steve Milsted Award 2011.

Photo's by, Duncan Stuart.
Top Photo.
Bushido Judo Kwai Junior Squad, with instructors, (Tuesday Evening)
Lower Photo.
Roy with instructor Chris Dawson.


Roy began his judo career at the Bushido Judo Kwai in April 2003 age eight,in December 2007 he won our Judoka of the Year Award, after a short break from judo, Roy returned to the club in July 2010, now on the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Bushido Judo Kwai, Roy has won the clubs highest acolade The Steve Milsted Award, Steve who was a founder member of our club now lives in Austrailia.
Well Done Roy.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Presentation by Ray Barnes (Chairman), British Judo Council (MAC)

This was at the British Judo Council (MAC) National Judo Championship, Birmingham, May 1985.
The presentation to Chris Dawson (Gold) Dan Grade Open, was made by Mr Ray Barnes, Chairman, British Judo Council (MAC).
National Coach Mr W S Wood, can be seen in the back ground.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The British Judo Council, Graded Tournament.

PHOTO, Taken By Maureen Carnaby, Back Row Laura Wheatley and Liam Banks, Front Row Jessica Cairns and Callum McInnes.

3rd April 2011.
The British Judo Council Newcastle Area, held it's Area Graded Tournament at The Parks Sports Centre, North Shields, today.
Four junior members from Wallsends Bushido Judo Kwai took part, they were Callum McInnes who won a silver medal in the boys u30kg event, while Liam Banks won his bronze in the hard fought Boys u50kg group, our two girls were unfortunately both in the same group, with Laura Wheatley taking the bronze and Jessica Cairns a runner up medal, The Championship produced some first class judo, from a well organized event, thanks to Joyce and Eddy Kenny along with there team, for a good day.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Robert Stuart Training at Bushido Judo Kwai

Robert Stuart joined the Bushido Judo Kwai on Friday 15th April 2005, his total attendance record since then has been second to none, Rob is also a student at Gosforth High School.

Top Photo, Robert really making me work.
Video, Instructor Jimmy West making Rob work.
Photo and Video taken by Duncan Stuart

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ronin Judo Club Morpeth 2011

Photo Left to Right, Andy Bell 2nd Dan, Chris Dawson 6th Dan (Guest Instructor), Juneille Smith 6th Dan, John Hall 4th Dan.

On Saturday 4th March i was invited to the Ronin Judo Club in Morpeth as a guest instructor, there were two sessions 1.30 / 2.30 for the younger juniors and 2.30 / 3.30 for the seniors and older juniors, all of the judoka were very attentive and keen to learn, with some very promising youngsters we covered Tachiwaza, Shimewaza and Kansetsuwaza, but the two hours were soon sadly over, my thanks to Juneille and John for there invitation and to Andy for being my uke throughout the day.
Visit a great judo club at,

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Yasuhiro Yamashita 6th Dan, Budosai 1986.

Between September 14th and October 18th 1986, The Japanese Festival was being held at various locations in Sunderland and Washington, the Crowtree Leisure Centre was used for the Budosai, it was here that Bushido Judo Kwai members had the privilege to see Yasuhiro Yamashita 6th Dan age 29 and the finest judoka of his era , showing us why he was nine times all Japan champion, three times World champion and Olympic champion in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jessica and Callum Demonstrate Tani Otoshi at Bushido Judo Kwai.

Two of our junior members seen in our video demonstrating Tani Otoshi, are
Jessica who joined The Bushido Judo Kwai 0n Tuesday 6th February 2007 and Callum who joined on Tuesday 16th March 2010.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Old Judo Friends, Jack Hearn, Joe Norman, Bob White and Darren Lyons.

This photo was taken at The Manor House, Rainham, Essex on Friday 21st April 2006.
Left to Right, Bob White (Kent), Jack Hearn (Nothumberland), Chris Dawson (Northumberland), Joe Norman (Essex) and Darren Lyons (Essex).
We had been attending the funeral of Sensei Bill Wood 8th Dan.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ne Waza Training at Bushido Judo Kwai

Photo's taken by Duncan Stuart at Wallsend Boys Club.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ashi Gatame, Tori Chris Dawson Uke Jimmy West

The Shrimp by Robert Stuart

Junior member Robert Stuart, demonstrates the shrimp to other junior members at Wallsend Boys Club's, Bushido Judo Kwai, Friday 4th February 2011.

Chugari by Jimmy West

Instructor Jimmy West 2nd Dan demonstrates a Chugari (Forward Roll), to junior students at the Bushido Judo Kwai Dojo, Wallsend Boys Club on the 4th February 2011.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Marine Park Judo Club, Wallsend / Tyne. 1975

This photo was taken at the Marine Park Judo Club Dojo, Hadrian Road, Wallsend, following the BJC (MAC) Regional Grading, on the 6th December 1975 at Fenham Barracks Newcastle.
Left to Right Steve Milstead 4th Kyu, Bob Patterson 1st Kyu and Chris Dawson 1st Dan, all three would go on to become founder members of the Bushido Judo Kwai in May 1976.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Haku Michigami 9th Dan and Ryosako Hirano 6th Dan

I had been going to Bordeaux to study judo under Master Michigami 9th Dan, every year since 1978, but in 1983 we were introduced to a guest instructor, Ryosako Hirano 6th Dan, who was based in Marseille, he was such an exciting judoka, that there was always a queue of dan grades wanting to practise with him, when we arrived in Bordeaux the following year, i learned that Hirano Sensei had been invited back for a second time, again everyone wanted to be on with him for randori.
The photo shows Master Michigami and Hirano Sensei at the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall), where the Mayor of Bordeaux held a reception to welcome all of the judoka to Bordeaux, who were taking part in this international course.
It was after this photo was taken that Bill Wood and i, were invited to dinner by Master Michigami at his favourite restaurant, along with Ryosako Hirano and the inner circle, an evening to remember.

Monday, 10 January 2011

British Judo Council (MAC) National Championship, London 1981

PHOTOS, Chris Dawson competing in the Mens u95k and Mens Open Event.
The event was the British Judo Council (MAC) National Championship, Picketts Lock Centre, Edmonton, London, on Sunday 19th April 1981.
Members of Bushido Judo Kwai won three gold, one silver and five bronze medals, Chris Dawson won Gold in the mens under 95k and Gold in the mens open, Barry McSherry won his Gold in the boys under 35k event, Les Jones won a Silver in the mens under 78k event and a Bronze in the mens open while Tom Syrett, Samantha Dodds, Sharon Holman and Joanne Batey all won Bronze medals, in what was a very good result for our club.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Top Attendance at Bushido Judo Kwai 2010 Liam Banks

Photo, Liam Banks.
Liam Banks joined the Bushido Judo Kwai on Friday 27th March 2009, since then Liam has proved by his attendance and effort, to be a very valued member of our club. We train on both Tuesday and Friday evenings and during 2010 Liam has been at the top of the attendance table for both training sessions, an unequalled feat. Well Done Liam.