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Sunday, 30 May 2010

My First Judo Trophy 1962

This is the first judo trophy that i won, it was at the British Judo Council Area Championship, which was held at the Hokojun Judo Club, Trinity Street, North Shields in October 1962.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wallsends Bushido Judo Kwai 1978

This was the last junior squad photo taken in our dojo at the Rosehill Residents Hall 1978.
I have listed as many names that i can remember, Ian Milsted, Christine Stark, Pauline Curry, Carl Burgess, William Seymour, Jan Russell, Lorraine Birmingham, Micheal Clark, Michell Thompson, Heidi Falkous, Lesley Stokes, Allyson Laurie, Bobby Woodhouse, David Hunter, Paul McSherry, Alan Gouves, Karl Davis, Ivan Glen, Ray Clark, Andrea Gouves, Stephen Preston, Barry McSherry, Steve Hudson, Susan Askew, Maxine Brown, Stephen Colins, Shed Coulthard, Joanne Birmingham, Kevin Hunter,Robert Cartwright, Stuart McBean, Malcolm McBean, Diane Preston, Joanne Batey, Michael Thompson, Graham Mills, Joanne Shubler and Susan Campbell.
Very soon after this photo was taken, we moved to our own dojo at St Marys Hall, McNamara Road, which we had purchased from the church for £3000.00.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Master Haku Michigami 9th Dan in London 1980.

Bushido Judo Kwai junior and senior members competed at this competition in 1980, winning four gold, three silver and three bronze medals. Guest of Honour was Master Haku Michigami.
Winners were, Judith Armstrong 15, Gillian Brown 15, Stephen Hudson 14, Les Jones 16, Thomas Syrett 13, Mark Conway 12, Barry McSherry 10, and Chris Dawson.
Our success ment so much more with the presence of Michigami Sensei, who also presented the awards.

Photo of Michigami Sensei taken in London 1980.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Stephen Milsted

Stephen Milsted was a founder member of the Bushido Judo Kwai, back in 1976 he was training to become a chef at Fenwicks of Newcastle.
At this time we were involved in the selection of a junior team to compete at the European Schools Judo Championships in Frankfurt, West Germany, which was organised by the International Budo Federation, we had seven of our junior members selected and it was our hope that as a club we could cover all of our members expenses, to do this we needed to raise £700, quite a tall order in 1977.
Linda our secretary set about organizing some fund raising events, while Steve Milsted decided to do a run from Morpeth to Newcastle and this brought us up to our target figure.
Steve later qualified as a chef and moved to the Intercontinental Hotel, Flensburg, West Germany, he purchased us a shield which would be presented to the junior member, who finished the year at the top of our medal table and this was called the Stephen Milsted Award, the first to win it was Jan Russell in 1978 and the most recent Johnny Lawson in 2010.
Only three members have won this award more than once and they were, Barry McSherry, Chris Woods and Steve Ellerby.
Steve Milsted now lives in Doncaster, Austrailia.

Photo, Steve Milsted during the Morpeth to Newcastle run.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Johnny Lawson, Winner, Stephen Milsted Award.

Johhny Lawson has had a very successful start to his judo career, since joining the Bushido Judo Kwai he has won the Most Improved Judoka Award, this is the first time this award has been presented now on May 3rd which is the clubs birthday, Johnny has finished our year in the number one position on the medal table and was presented with our clubs highest accolade The Stephen Milsted Award by Instructor Chris Dawson.
Johnny who is age 12 is also a student at the St Thomas More School in North Shields.

Johnny Lawson and Instructor Chris Dawson.
The Stephen Milsted Award.