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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bordeaux France, July 1978.

Presentation of Awards at the 20th International Judo Course, Bordeaux, France.
Top Left, Ladies Kata Competition, Gold, Mazieres, Corbari
Presented by Maitre's Laffose 6th dan and Pelser 5th dan.

Top Right, Mens Dan Grade Open,   Gold, Chris Dawson, England.  Silver, Steve Warton, England.
Presented by Maitre Michigami 9th Dan.

Lower Left, Mens Kyu Grade Open, Gold, Winter, Silver, Name Unknown

Lower Right, Mens Kata Competition, Gold, Names Unknown.
Presented by Maitre's Paries 6th dan and Monducci 6th dan.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

And the moral is, Think before you speak

In the late 1970s we had a junior member called Thomas Syrett join our club. One year the family went on holiday to a holiday camp and one evening during their stay Tom put his name forward to try and win the Young Man's Award. He was called up by the compare for a short interview, one of the questions was "do you do any sports?", Tom said that he practiced judo "oh judo" said the compare and with a cocky tone said to Tom "do you think that you could throw me?", at that very moment Tom threw the compare with a supurb ankle sweep.
Well timed photo but i dont think that Tom won the award.
So what do you think, Waza-ari or Ippon ?